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Specification of powder coating finishes on architectural aluminium and other metal substrates can be a complex process and following items should be considered;


  • • What is the most appropriate product for your project?
  • • Does the product offer a genuine performance warranty?
  • • What assurance is there that the coating is applied correctly?
  • • How do you ensure that your specification is not misinterpreted?


Our dedicated and knowledgeable consultants can also help simplify the specification process. Save time and money by getting the right coating advice. Send an enquiry here.


Environmental Considerations

Conditions in each location can vary greatly and this will affect the performance of various finishes. So it is vital that before specifying a given powder coating, the environmental influences on the project are understood. The resistance of each powder coating to the physical and chemical extremes of these climates determines the most suitable product.

The following conditions reference from A4312 (Atmospheric corrosivity zones in Australia) and AS3715 (Metal Finishing – Thermoset powder coatings for architectural applications and aluminium alloys) to define the environmental conditions.


Exterior Conditions

Mild (to Moderate)

  • • Remote from coastal, heavy industrial or tropical locations
  • • Arid, urban, inland
  • • With very light marine proximity, such as sheltered bays which are well away from coastlines
  • • Sheltered from marine coastal locations or from industrial fallout
  • • Typically C2 and C3 corrosivity zones


  • • In high humid locations, typically 65% – 100% all year round
  • • Remote from coastal activity
  • • Monsoon locations



  • • In marine locations, sea shore calm or directly in the path of sea spray (surf)
  • • In heavy industrial locations



Some environments are so extreme, that the performance of any surface finish may be compromised. For severe environments, whether they are marine and/or industrial, we recommend that you contact DGL before specifying any powder coating finish, to ensure the site meets with our service and warranty conditions.


Interior Conditions

General (Mild)

  • • Dry interiors
  • • Some minor condensation


  • • High Moisture
  • • Significant contamination


Project Considerations

  • • Residential properties are typically easy to maintain, given their height and access.
  • • High-rise projects are less sheltered from neighbouring buildings, raising their exposure and reducing their ease of maintenance.
  • • Monumental projects attract the most attention and have the highest standards required to uphold the reputation expected from landmark sites.
  • • Refer to the table below for information on which warrantable products are suitable for your project type, environment and conditions.


Project Type   Environment Conditions   Recommended AAMA Standard Product Choice
 Monumental  Exterior   Mild, Severe or Tropical  AAMA 2605  Fluoroset
 Prestigious Commercial Development  Exterior   Severe or Tropical  AAMA 2605  Fluoroset
 Prestigious Commercial Development  Exterior   Mild  AAMA 2604  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 Commercial Development(>3 levels)  Exterior   Mild, Severe or Tropical  AAMA 2604  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 Residential (>3 levels)  Exterior  Mild, Severe or Tropical  AAMA 2604  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 Residential (<4 levels)  Exterior   Severe or Tropical  AAMA 2604  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 Residential (<4 levels)  Exterior   Mild  AAMA 2603  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 Non-Habitable  Exterior   Severe or Tropical  AAMA 2604/AAMA 2605  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 Non-Habitable  Exterior   Mild  AAMA 2603  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 All Projects  Interior   Moderate Interior  AAMA 2604/AAMA 2605  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset
 All Projects  Interior   General Interior  AAMA 2603  Duratec/Electro / Fluoroset


Substrate Considerations

There are many metal substrates that can be used for architectural applications and their performance is particularly influenced by the following:


  • • The substrates configuration & fabrication
  • • How the substrate is cleaned & pre-treated prior to powder coating
  • • The type of powder coating being applied
  • • The environment in which the substrate is exposed


Powder coatings offer an attractive and durable finish, but it is essential that consideration of industry standards (AAMA and Australian Standards), together with Care & Maintenance are taken into account to ensure that the finish achieves and maintains the expected service life.

The guidelines below provide a summary of information for the most common substrates for architectural applications. For additional information on metal preparation or advice on other metal substrates, such as brass, copper or galvanised sheeting, please refer to Australian Standard 4506-2005.



Aluminium is a versatile metal commonly used for fabrication and finishing due to functionality. Powder coated aluminium has demonstrated outstanding durability in all climates and environments.



Renowned for its strength and reinforcement, steel is best prepared using a combination of chemical and/or mechanical surface preparation, a powder coating primer and a premium DGL top coat. Please contact our Customer Service Team prior to specification or use. DGL does not warrant applications on steel components.


Hot Dipped Galvanised

Renowned for its corrosion protection of the base metal steel, a galvanised substrate with a powder coated surface can appear to offer a great marriage of durability and corrosion resistance. However, extreme care is required in the preparation, application and installation of powder coated galvanised steel.

Steel that has been galvanised is designed to protect the base metal. The top galvanised layer is the sacrificial offering to the inevitable progression of corrosion. If the galvanised surface is powder coated, the galvanised layer underneath the powder coating may corrode overtime and so, the adhesion of the powder coating may be compromised. This is especially pertinent when the product is located in or near severe environments such as marine or industrial areas.


Colour Considerations

On occasions, some colours, whether powder, paints or furnishings may share the same colour name but be entirely different. This is especially true of other powder suppliers who use DGL colour names for their products, but these colours rarely match. When choosing colours, remember to specify both the DGL product code and product name.


If the colour does not appear in our standard ranges of products, Made to Order colours can be produced. However, as each specific colour needs to be formulated and individually manufactured, there are minimum quantity requirements. Please contact our dedicated consultants team for more information.


Warranty Considerations

For a surface coating to provide maximum performance, the metal to be coated must be properly cleaned and prepared, the powder must be applied in accordance with DGL recommendations and the coated metal shall be thoroughly tested for quality assurance before being released for fabrication.

Only DGL Accredited Powder Coaters are able to issue our DGL Alumi Shield warranties after demonstrating their capability to meet stringent quality conditions and international standards.

DGL Accredited Powder Coaters are audited and provide sample checks of product applications detailing their capabilities and ensuring they meet the required standards for product application to meet warranty standards at all times.

For more information on DGL Accredited Powder Coaters click here.


Specifying the correct AAMA Standard

With over 50 years of experience, the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association) is regarded as one of the standards leader for finishes on architectural aluminium. The AAMA objective is to develop and improve quality standards, encourage research & development and set benchmarks for product performance of architectural products.

Specifying powder coatings that comply with one of the below AAMA standards removes all doubt for the fabricator and applicator. The supply chain will be aware of the standard of product demand for the project, as the standards spell out the level of both colour performance and film properties required.


The DGL powder coating products that meet or exceed these standards are shown below:


Fluoroset™ Duratec™ Electro™
 AAMA 2605 Yes No  No
 AAMA 2604 Yes Yes Yes
 AAMA 2603 Yes Yes Yes
 Coating Type   Ultra Durable Fluoropolymer   Super Durable Polyester   Super Durable Polyester

Perforated and Expanded Aluminium

For advice on perforated and expanded aluminium please refer to the dedicated information page here

What to Watch Out For


Specify the period of coverage for both colour retention and film integrity warranty, so that  a substitute product with a warranty of equivalent film integrity but less colour retention is not used as a replacement.



Only tenders based on quotes provided by a DGL Accredited Powder Coater would be accurate. Verify that the applicator is authorised to apply these warrantable products by requesting a copy of the DGL Accredited Powder Coater certification from the applicator.

Specification Checklist

Make sure your specification is clear and contains:

  • The project type and environmental conditions.
  • The most appropriate AAMA specification.
  • Suitable product range.
  • Colour name.
  • Warranty details.
  • Accredited Powder Coater specification to ensure a warranty can be issued.


For example:

“Duratec Elements Magnatite Flat 90E7725Z to meet AAMA 2604 for a Commercial project greater than 3 stories in a exterior Mild (C3) environment. Product must be applied by a DGL Accredited Powder Coater and must offer a 25 year Durability and 20 year Colour warranty on architectural aluminium.”


Need specification advice? Our dedicated consultants can help you by providing the right coating advice together with supplying specifications for your projects. submit an online enquiry here.